Friday, May 22, 2015

Lovely Girl

Sweet Liddy's turn.
First, a new coat.
I will admit I was a little nervous tackling this one. One page didn't seem a lot of instructions for a fully lined coat.
But I got there.
I learned some great new techniques (well, new to me).
The under collar is cut in two pieces on the bias, and then the interfacing is cut the same. After that is applied, another shaped piece of interfacing is cut on the grain and ironed to the neck roll area.
The under collar is sewn to the coat, the upper collar to the facing and then after much trimming, clipping and pressing they are sewn together.
Then the lining is sewn to the facing edge.
It all resulted in a beautiful finish.
I used some herringbone weave wool and some deep brown cotton velvet for the collar.
I had just enough lining left from Hugo's Goldstream jacket.
It is a medium weight satin, quite luxurious for a lining, but it gives body and feels ever so nice on.
I even added a secret pocket, like Hugo's. Fully lined.
The chest pockets are also fully lined.
The buttons are enamelled shell and just lush!
Liddy wanted red ones sewn with blue thread. Zara tried to talk her into brown leather knotted ones, but Lid's was adamant.
I think she made a good choice.
Size 12 with room for growth.
So much hand sewing on this little number.
Hand sewn hems.
Thread chains on each seam.
Basting, basting and more basting.
Worth it?
Absolutely dutely!
What else?
A dress.
The Oliver+S Carousel dress.
Sewn up in sand coloured cotton stretch velvet/un-cut cord (not sure which).
Size 12 with a few inches length added to the hem and a solid 9'' to the sleeves.
Lidia requested red top stitching.
I like it!
I think the funny dart thing going on was due to the stretch content of the fabric. It doesn't fuss Liddy so I let it be.
I really like the a-line effect. 
The keyhole opening is so pretty. I used some Kokka scraps for a touch of pretty, millenary elastic for a loop and another of those fabulous buttons.
Perfect for Winter.
I think it will layer well over a long sleeve tee.
Such a great play dress.
Did we mention the pockets?

That is Lidia set for our holiday.

xx N

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Olly, olly all out are in free-o!

You guessed it.
I made another Hide and Seek dress
This time for Tilly.
Sewn in Matilda's favourite fabric, velvet.
Cotton velvet.
Slippery, thick, swear word inducing cotton velvet that required every seam to be hand basted before sewing.
Size 4, with length 
The velvet was all remnant pieces from my stash.
There was just enough black.
Matilda has signature heart shaped buttons but all I had was MoP which looked too delicate on the heavy cloth.
  I remembered some wooden buttons I had, with lots of holes drilled into them, and I tried my hand at a wee embroidered heart.
It works, sort of, enough to keep Tildy happy.
I lined the bodice with Matilda's signature Liberty.

Was she happy?
Was she what!
It has pockets 
(lined with Liberty)
The longer sleeves will keep her warm.
Perfect for cuddling upwards
(By reversing the nap, the velvet looks more luxurious)
Perfect for her.

xx N

PS If you would like make one, I have a tutorial here. I think there may be one on the O+S blog too.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Baby Beatrix

And for some fun stuff.....
Baby Beatrix sewing!
A sweet little vintage number.
Bit of a back story.... like a lot of girls, I love Pinterest for sewing inspiration.
A year or so back I pinned some dungarees.
Like the many re-pinners I loved them but I had a secret weapon.
I owned a pattern almost identical.
But only in one size, 6-12 months.
So I was determined to sew it for this baby.
I used a soft, machine washable wool cloth woven in a herringbone pattern.

The facings and pocket linings were cut from Liberty scraps.
Soft and pretty.
I sewed the faux wood resin buttons in place with coral embroidery thread.
Strong and pretty.
The dungarees do up with a zipper.
Don't you love the sweet side tabs?
Just in case they were scritchy on sweet Trixie's skin, I lined them with lawn.
I made a second set, put the two together, and then attached the facings.
I sewed up the dear little blouse as well, in a fine, white pure linen.
Adding a bias Liberty neck ruffle, which I loved, until I realised it will cover the square neck detail.....
  Until that moment I had thought my self rather clever. I even staggered the back ruffle to meet perfectly 
Oh well.

She will still look cute.
It still looks cute.
worn over a O+S Field Trip tee
Very, very cute.
The dungarees fit well now over a cloth nappy so they should be good for our Winter holiday (I use disposables on hols).
The button leg openings are perfect. Very quick to open to change nappies.
Beatrix obliged me and sat for a few posed photographs.
Where has the time gone?
PS, I knocked up a few accessories for the young lady too.
The Purl Soho Summer bonnet and Winter bonnet and a self drafted bandana bib.

xx N

Friday, May 8, 2015

Gifts and Stuff.

If you read my blog now and then,
you will know I sew to a rota.
Everyone gets their turn.
It works so well I put 'gift' on the list.
For those things that crop up.
Like a Little Things to Sew cape to be worn as an ANZAC nurses costume.
I sewed the large and omitted the hand holes.
Elsa kindly offered up some of her textured red wool on the proviso she could have it afterwards AND if she could choose the lining.
Thus, the very un-matronly purple duchess satin interior.
I used an extra large sew in popper to close it.
I also made some simple capes for the other nurses. This time in red drill with bemsilk lining.
Tilly's little friend Jasmine was having a birthday sleepover and new pyjamas were requested.
As usual I used the Oliver+S Bedtime Story pattern and as usual I used cotton webbing for the inside ties.
The fabric is a quilting cotton I had in my stash.
It is from the Victorian and Albert Museum collection and although very pretty it was printed off grain so really only suitable for sleepwear.
An over due project for Tildy's teacher was a request for 27 draw string bags to store skipping ropes.
Mind. Numbing. Boredom.
Quickly moving on to something more exciting.
Last year, my gorgeous sewing gal-pal Cindy designed and sewed a swimsuit for Matilda.
Cindy refused payment but suggested that I may like sew a dress for one of her sweet girls.
She suggested the Garden Party, bright colours and then let me go.
I had so much fun making this dress and sewed it in a evening.
I have made it previously for Matilda, I have a full tutorial if you would like a peep.
Some hot pink linen/cotton was just the right vibrancy with the neon orange piping my other lovely friend Britters.
  I found some bright orange guipure daisies in the lace box, just the thing to girlify.
Made in Australia.
With lots and lots of love!

Next up.
Trixie's turn.

xx N