Sunday, January 11, 2015

A small Tea Party

You know my love for the Tea Party
Since first we met.
From the moment Trixie was born I was itching to sew her a Tea Party dress.

I knew from experience the 0-3 month size was a very roomy fit so I was patiently waiting for her to 'chub up'.
Then a lovely local lady gifted me a bag of fabric and there were some pieces of the loveliest linen I had ever seen.
Perfect Tea Party material.
As usual I lined the skirt.
This lets me really clip and press those seams.
I used flat black piping to lift the twee levels a little closer to sophisticated.
The linen tape threaded with cherry red also helps with this.
The MoP flowers buttons are stitched with the same cherry coloured silk thread.
For a POP of colour, Liberty Wiltshire lawn bloomers.
Beatrix's signature print.
In a 6-12 month sizing to accommodate her cloth nappy.
From the leftovers, a wee bandana bib.
And, last night, a late entrant, the Purl Soho Summer Baby bonnet.
Irish linen and Liberty lawn.
Deliciously cool for a hot and sticky trip to the city.
Sweet chubby baby goodness.
Baby toes!
Only topped by a baby nose.

xx N

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Baby Hopscotch

I am probably a bit old fashioned.
But I love baby nighties.
I don't get on with wonder suits. Too many poppers and they always seem too hot or not warm enough.
I remember getting one of the babies up to find the legs of the wonder suit wrapped around their belly and knotted.
Daddy had done a night nappy and it all had been a bit too much to deal with.
I like nighties, cardies and something on their feet.
I favour Bonds nighties but they only go up to size 00.
I don't know if you can still buy them, Trixie is wearing the same half dozen I bought for Hugo.
I have many vintage baby patterns that would work but I have always wondered about the Hopscotch dress by Oliver+S.
I asked the question in the excellent O+S forum and received a positive response.
So I decided to have a go!
I made the smallest size 6-12 months, with no mods.
The fabric is some scraps of wool/modal from my Late Lunch tunic.
I did add a skerrick of cotton lace to the neck band and a wee gingham bow.
The lace is pre-gathered with elastic thread so it is perfect for a knit garment.
I sewed it to the neckband with a wide zigzag.
And how did it fit?
It fit adorably.
How cute is this baby?
I think we can call this a success.

xx N

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Swing Set Sweetness

I can't believe I forget to blog this set!
One of Oliver+S's earlier patterns that came in the tiny sizes, the Swing Set tunic & skirt pattern.
I made Trixie the tiniest size, 0-3 months, it still fits her at 5 months but is pretty snug.
Soft, cool hailspot muslin seemed the obvious choice for our hot weather. I sewed the straps from the tiny pieces left from the pretty fabric from Sarvi and Colette and added two tiny gingham bows.
Tiny MoP buttons (from my sweet friend Claire) with equally tiny butterflies close the back.
The yoke was a little fiddly in this tiny sew but fun, in a dolls clothes sewing kind of way.
More hailspot for the skirt, lined with pale coral lawn that is trimmed with fringe 
Black and white grosgrain ribbon makes the perfect waist tie.
And it is all a perfect match to Aunty Sarvi's cardy.
The inspiration for Beatrix's wardrobe.
One of the many fun things about having children over an 18 year gap is the new accessories that come out.
Bandana bibs are useful and very cute.
 As well as being a quick sew and a great way to use up those old thin cloth nappies.
How adorable is this?
Blissfully cool for our hot sticky days.
I need a cuddle!
How perfect is that wee shoulder strap?
Love this pattern!

xx N

PS If you would like to sew a sweet Swing Set, check out my step by step tute here

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Picnic@ the Beach

Next up for Miss Liddy
Something to wear over her swimmers.
The Oliver+S Class Picnic blouse and shorts.
We weekend at Robe fairly regularly and Lidia is always admiring the floaty, sequinned and lace trimmed beach tops that are sold in the sea side boutiques.
They are so expensive (and often very poorly made)
So, for her first outfit for 2015, she requested something for the beach (or pool).
To start with, I trimmed the front yoke with rows of over lapping cotton lace.
As the cheese cloth fabric I used was so stretchy I applied soft interfacing to the back first to stabilise it.
I then continued to sew the blouse finishing the neck and sewing more lace on to the sleeves.
I hemmed and trimmed the sleeve before sewing the side seams.
After sewing the side seams things were a bit bulky, a few taps with my hammer took care of that!
I also clipped the seams to create some ease before neatening.
After neatening, I pressed the seam to one side and topstitched a wee rectangle at the sleeve end to keep it in place.
For the bottom edge, I hemmed it and then added the lace.
I used taslon to sew the shorts. This way they will be drip dry and be able to be worn as swimmers.
I used some poly piping on the edge of the facings. It actually made them easier to sew.
I also piped the front waistband.
But left the back plain.
I sewed some sequins to the lace but they looked a bit flimsy, then I remembered the mother-of-pearl pailettes my sweet friend Claire picked up for me in Hong Kong.
Much better.
I hand knotted them so if one breaks they won't all fall off.
So, there we have it.
Beachy but elegant.
 Perfect for milkshakes@Robe.
Casual chic child-friendly clothing.
A sweet summery look.
worn with CC Finch shorts.
That still manages to look dressy.
The shorts look a m a z i n g over her swimmers.
Sigh, isn't she lovely?

Thanks for popping by.

xx N